Law student ‘drops assault claims against Man Utd star Antony’

Law student ‘drops assault claims against Man Utd star Antony’


A LAW student who accused Antony of assaulting her in his car has reportedly dropped her case against the Man United star.

It comes as the £85million winger faces assault allegations from his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin – leading to separate police probes in Sao Paulo and Manchester.

Antony has strongly denied the “false allegations”.

Separately, banker Ingrid Lana, 33, has also accused the World Cup ace of physical violence, claiming an alleged attack took place at Antony’s Manchester home last October.

According to The Telegraph, a third case – involving an incident in a car in May 2022 – has been dropped at the request of the alleged victim. 

A police report from law student Rayssa de Freitas – which has been made public – describes alleged violent behaviour from the Man United player and internet personality Mallu Ohana.

Rayssa claimed she needed hospital treatment after she was attacked by Antony and Mallu in backseat of Antony’s Land Rover after a night out in São Paulo, Brazil.

But it’s understood she has now withdrawn the allegation.

It comes amid reports that Man United didn’t know the police report had been filed against Antony before signing him.

According to The Telegraph, they were unaware of the allegations despite the alleged incident taking place three months before his £85million move to the club.

Man United said they carried out checks on Antony as they do with all players – but their probe didn’t reveal any abuse allegations.

The club reportedly only became aware of the police report via Brazilian media reports when they were also shared by Antony’s reps.

Antony is on paid leave from Man United until further notice.

His ex, Cavallin, has accused the Brazilian star of physical aggression towards her on a number of occasions in bombshell claims.

A total of four alleged attacks are described in a police report seen by respected sports news site ESPN.

One of these claims allegedly occurred at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Manchester on January 15.

In a statement on September 10, Man United said it “acknowledges the allegations made against Antony”.

“Players who have not participated in international matches are due back in training on Monday,” it said.


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