Thought for the day: 8 July 2024

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

This phrase highlights the importance of understanding the nature of reality and the illusory nature of perceived threats. The notion suggests that what is real cannot be threatened, as it exists independently and cannot be harmed or destroyed by external factors. Conversely, that which is unreal—merely an illusion or a construct of our minds—holds no tangible existence and, thus, poses no genuine threat.

In essence, the phrase encourages a shift in perspective, urging individuals to assess their fears and concerns from a place of deeper understanding. By recognizing the unchanging nature of true reality and dismissing unfounded fears, one can cultivate a more balanced and harmonious existence.

This quote, “Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists,” is a profound statement from the spiritual text “A Course in Miracles.” Here’s a breakdown of its meaning:

  1. “Nothing real can be threatened”: This suggests that things that are genuinely real and true are beyond the reach of harm or alteration. These are aspects of life or the universe that are eternal, unchangeable, and indestructible. For example, love, truth, and the core essence of who we are could be considered “real” in this context. They cannot be damaged or destroyed by external circumstances.
  2. “Nothing unreal exists”: This part implies that anything that is not real, anything that is illusory or false, has no true existence. It might appear to be real and might affect us if we believe in it, but ultimately, it has no lasting substance or reality. This could apply to fears, illusions, misunderstandings, and false perceptions.

Together, the quote encourages a focus on recognizing and embracing the eternal and unchangeable aspects of reality, such as love and truth, while letting go of fears, illusions, and false beliefs that hold no true power. It’s a call to see beyond the transient and superficial to the enduring and genuine.


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