LOL: ‘Biden adviser’ shares NEW plan to save Joe’s dying campaign


President Biden’s campaign suffered a massive blow after his disastrous CNN Presidential Debate performance — and now one of his “advisers” has a new attack plan.

While this “adviser” isn’t really an adviser, his idea as to how Biden can secure the 2024 presidential election is absolutely golden.

“I’ve been working in campaigns like this for quite some time,” the “adviser” whose stage name is Wilfred tells Glenn while wheezing. “I watched the debate on the television set.”

Wilfred calls the debate a “catastrophe” and says it reminded him of when he “tried to make a move on Ethel at the prom.”

“She seemed to be into it, but she had so many layers of pantaloons, and I was unable to get to the conclusion of the evening, and the sun came up, I was still trying to remove layers,” Wilfred says as Glenn laughs.

“All right, so Wilfred, we’re really looking towards the future here on whether he is going to drop out from the campaign, or I mean, what has been decided?” Glenn asks the “adviser.”

“The first thing that was decided was that his entire campaign would now be sponsored by Prevagen,” Wilfred explains. “Really if we fill him up to make his internal digestive systems approximately 80% Prevagen, we believe multiple sentences will come out really together.”

The idea itself is bulletproof, but that’s not all Wilfred has up his sleeve.

“He also beat Medicare,” he tells Glenn proudly, though he has one concern.

“I’m concerned that Joe Biden may come off as too youthful for the American people. I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but the American people love old candidates. They don’t want people who are coherent,” he explains.

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